Website Design Platforms

We can use a range of website design platforms

Website design London provide professional website design, development and SEO services for small businesses throughout the UK.


WordPress is a website design platform many businesses choose because of the wide variety of functions it allows. It has many plugins available businesses can add to their website to add new function to their website.


Webflow offers a variety of dynamic, user friendly website design options for its users. You can use Webflow without any coding knowledge making it ideal for small business owners who want to create a professional looking website for their business.  


Wix is a website design platform that provides less experienced users a platform to easily set up a basic website with little computer knowledge or understanding of how a website works. They have a variety of payment options available.


Squarespace is a lot like Wix and Weebly in terms of what it offers it’s users, Squarespace outperforms Wix in many areas such as it’s booking system integration and capabilities is much easier to use than Wix.


Weebly is our least recommended website design platform due to it being a lot smaller than Wix and Squarespace and in general just being a poor website design platform to use due to it’s many limitations. 


Magento offers it’s users a lot of flexibility but can take longer to design websites using this platform and website designers will generally ask for more money to work o this platform, this platform also has limitations which is why WordPress is used much more than Magento.


People who purchase a domain via GoDaddy are often offered a free website building option using their website builder, if you’re looking for something quick and low priced but with almost no SEO or extra features then this is the platform for you.


Google have the capacity to provide you with a domain hosting and website design solution for your business, explore the various designs and templates Google has to offer.

Custom Coded

Custom coded websites are normally used by businesses who have complex requirements or who need to design a dynamic website for their business.

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