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Website Design

Choosing the right designer should depend on multiple factors such as what the designer has to offer, your website design requirements and a transparent web design approach.

Your website design time may vary from provider and will depend upon the specific website designer you choose and your specific website design requirements.

The cost for your website design will also be proportional to your specific website design requirements, in general the more work required the more your website should cost.

It’s always best to use a UK based website designer to ensure a  quality final website design and to easily dispute any work you feel is not up to scratch.

Website design can come with extra costs such as website hosting and website management, some website designers don’t include required third party plugins in your website cost. You also need to pay a fee to own your website domain name.

Website Development

Website development is often mistaken for website design, web development is the development of website functions such as a shop, a website portal or other automated website functions that can be stored on a online database.

Look for a website developer with a good track record of creating website that are automated, easy to navigate and achieve their functions.

Choose a website developer that’s within budget and can provide you with all the website functions you need.

Web development takes significantly longer than website design as the requirements are usually more complex time consuming. The specific time your website development project takes will be heavily dependant on your website requirements.  

It’s good to use a web developer if you need automations and different functions set up for your website, contact us today with any web development requirements. 

Website SEO

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation, it’s the process of using Googles best practises to rank your website as close to #1 for the keywords you desire.

Yes, all websites need some kind of SEO even if it’s basic, a website is like an online store so having a shop that nobody visits defeats the object of having a shop in the first place.

Website SEO can be cheaper than you think and there’s many things businesses owners trying to drive traffic to their website can do to help boost website sales.

The time it takes to reach your SEO goals depends on your SEO requirements. 

SEO can make your business a lot of money if it’s done right, when you focus more on giving your website visitors value rather than simply trying to make a profit you’ll achieve better SEO results.

Local SEO

Local SEO is great because it usually has much lower competition than targeting a wider SEO audience. 

Local SEO can provide local businesses such as shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, entertainment, community centres with a steady flow of local customers for their businesses.

Local SEO can help increase the amount of shop visitors you have by giving you greater online exposure in your local area. 

Local SEO is faster and cheaper than general SEO however focuses mainly on providing a service or product for people in the local area. 

Local SEO costs vary from provider but we provide local SEO services for a fixed fee.

Website Design Platforms

The main website design platforms used by most small businesses are WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy and Magento and Joomla.

The best website design platforms for website design, development and SEO are WordPress and Webflow.

Most website design platforms offer a free website hosting and design option, although these options are very limited and offer more primitive set up they free and is good for businesses with no start-up capital.

Yes, although to get the most out of the various website design platforms you need to have a basic understanding of how to use it you can 

Website design London would recommend using WordPress and Webflow as these platforms usually provide everything  client needs in terms of website design and development.

Website Keywords

Website keywords are the words you want potential website visitors to type in Google and find your website for.

It’s important to know your keyword targets so you can ensure your website SEO is set up to rank for the keywords you want.

Website keywords are an important part of the website design process as it helps dictate the placement of various text and other content around your website. 

You can find the best keywords for your website by using SEO or keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or Moz. You can also use an SEO expert if you don’t have the knowledge or skills to use these tools properly.

Website keywords are used in local SEO to understand the best keywords to target when designing and developing your website.

Website Requirements

Website requirements outline how you want your website to look and what functions you’d like your website to achieve. 

Understanding your website requirements means you should be provided with a fixed cost and timeframe, this can help with planning and ensuring website designers and developers are transparent in their proposal.

You need to review  other websites you’ve seen that you’d like to go for a similar style, share these sites with your web designer and understand any extra functions you’d like on your website can take longer to achieve. 

You can share your website requirements in a single document or via email, try and keep your requirements in list format to ensure the designer receives all the information together and not in parts as this can make it very confusing for the designer. 

In general the more website requirements you have the greater the cost, never ask a website designer to do a lot more work than your budget allows as this can result in a  reduced quality of work that you won’t be satisfied with. 

Website Design Options

Most of the time the answer is yes, many small business owners try and build their own websites but don’t realise how time consuming and technical web design and development can be, they also send up doing more harm than good giving the web designer more work to do when they get round to fixing all the website issues caused by lack of understanding by the small business owner. 

If you’re doing your own website then start really basic and work your way up start with four pages and get those four pages right, then add something simple like a blog. Many DIY web designers often start too big and make mistakes with their website. Avoid using large, heavy website templates. 

It’s easy to get good value for more when hiring a website designer in the UK, this doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest option but at least you get a quality product you’ve paid a reasonable price for.

Creating a funnel can be equally as good as having a website, it all depends on your requirements and long term goals. 

Educating yourself on how it all works is the best way to choose the right website desginer. 

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