We provide online and technical support for our customers, use this page if you’re a client who requires support. If you’re a new customer and you’d like to find out more information then use our contact page.

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Tech Support

Online and phone technical support to ensure your website is always running smoothly.

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A close community of staff and clients to work together and answer your questions.

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Monthly Q&A Call

Monthly meetings to ensure you’re up to date with  how we’re handling your site.

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How to Get Started?

You can get started easily online via our website, we have a range of unique website offers that will meet the high expectations of any small business owner. 


Have a Question?

Before contacting us for technical support please read some of our FAQs.

You can log into the back end of your website by using the login details and instructions we sent you. If you have lost the login details we sent you, please make a request for us to resend your login details. Please ask us about making any changes to your website.

Our basic website package includes website design and development of a 7-11 page website for local small business. You can upgrade your package for website SEO, management and marketing services.

If you need a domain change for your website you can contact us. We’ll take 5-7 working days to change your domain.

We’ll check your connection and API keys on your website to ensure they’re correct for the payment provider you’re using. You can also speed up the process by logging into your payment providers account and checking if there’s any internal issues that need resolving. 

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