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Don’t miss out on our detailed review of and why it may or may not be perfect for your business model.


February 2021 review by Web Design London


Is Wix good?

Learn about and it’s website design facilities, understand if Wix is right for your business, we ensure we’ve provided a clear transparent argument from Website design experts who have used Wix and other website building platforms extensively to provide a comprehensive, fair summary of if if right for your business. Although Wix might not be right for some businesses it could be perfect for others so ensuring you have a balanced understanding of Wix will help you make the best informed decision if Wix is right for your business.



  1. Understanding Wix
  2. Wix for different business models
  3. The good things about Wix
  4. The bad things about Wix
  5. Is Wix right for you?
  6. Do your own research



Wix is a website design platform that allows people with little or no understanding of website design, website development, coding and graphic design to use their platform to achieve various website designs. In more recent years Wix has really upped their game in terms of offering much more than simply website design, these extra features include, email and marketing integrations such as website SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and other financial services.

Wix also boasts a very easy to use and clear format which enables extra ease to business owners, business owners on a small budget can also untilise the monthly (instead of yearly) payment options on Wix


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