It’s easier than you think to get first page results using SEO, just follow the simple steps:


Choose a KEYWORD


This is the most important part as it will effect things like:

  • the time it takes you get hit your goal
  • the difficultly of achieving your goal
  • the amount you need to spend on achieving your keyword target
  • how many new website clicks that will be generate

Avoid targeting high competition keywords in your niche/service area that will take you too long to reach and isn’t a reslistic target due to your SEO budget. For example if you offer mobile manicures or house cleaning services in a specific area your target keyword should be mobile manicures (your area) or (your area mobile manicures. Not mobile manicures in general.

What are the benefits of targeting low competition keywords?

  • low competition means it’s easier to achieve rankings
  • can generate customers in your local area
  • can easily repeat the process to generate customers in nearby areas
  • can obtain a reliable, steady flow of customers for your business, which will in turn increase revenue and profits.
  • you can keep costs low by following this article and doing this yourself

How do I find low competition keywords?

I would recommend two primary tools for targeting low competition keywords:

  • Moz Keyword Planner Tool (includes 30 day free trial):
  • Google Adwords Planner Tool (free to use):

Using both these tools can help you find low competition keywords and similar keywords that may also be easy for you to target.

Have a BASIC understanding of what your doing, have a basic understanding of SEO


A lot of people get confused or worried when they hear SEO, many don’t understand the benefits of SEO. SEO can be used to help you generate passive income.


We designed a website and in under two weeks it was ranking first page for the term “kitchen respray London”


What you need


Understanding the competition

We implemented a basic understanding of SEO which is essentially how much importance Google gives your site for individual search terms. Ideally for each search term you need to have a website page for example for the search term “kitchen respray Bromley” we would want to create a new page with the URL This doesn’t mean this is the only URL from the website that will rank for this keyword.

Keyword research and competition

The search term “Kitchen Respray London” had very low competition and the first page was filled with websites that needed updating, this means building a basic website and following just 50% of SEO principals properly was enough to establish a first page presence for this keyword. Doing SEO research can save you a lot of time and also be quite profitable. You can use to find low competition keywords.

Backlinks (External)

If you target a low competition (local) keyword you don’t need many backlinks to achieve your goal, this makes the job much easier as you can work though the best social media websites and add your backlinks to quickly achieve a first page presence for your keyword.


Your websites content includes your website pages, words on each page and the volume or words, the uniqueness and usefulness of the information (words) provided on each page of your website and also any website media such as pictures on your website. Quality content and lots of it can really help with your SEO rankings, including words that are similar or related to the keyword your trying to target on each page can be very beneficial for higher SEO rankings.

Backlinks (Internal)

Internal backlinks are really important and the more you have the better, it gives your website structure and order and rankings from one page on your website can be carried over to another when there is strong external backlinking in place.

Website Platform

Many small business owners are misled in thinking that website built using or other popular website building platforms are good for your websites SEO and enable website to rank well online, when in reality it’s going to be very difficult for business owners to achieve good SEO results using these platforms due to their limited functionality and the fact you don’t have access to backend features and a wide variety of plugins and APIs you would have on WordPress for example.  Choosing a bad website builder can mean you get almost no traffic via SEO due to the set up of these websites.


Understand what  to look for


You’re looking for keywords that have:

  • high search volume
  • low difficulty
  • high CTR ( click through rate)

Keywords with high competition and low search volume are the least desriable, as it’s essentially saying you’re going to do lots of SEO work for no reason.

Keywords with a low competition and a high search volume are the most desirable as it means you’re going to do less SEO work for lots of potential website clicks.

Understand how to implement your SEO Strategy


  1. Choose your keyword (after keyword research)
  2. Make a unique page for your chosen keyword
  3. Put relevant content on your chosen page
  4. Internal link pages from your website to your new page
  5. Ensure you’ve optimised your page for SEO
  6. Index your page using Google search console to get instant first page rankings.

Before you go let’s do it together


  1. Choose a keyword: We’re going to choose the keyword using Moz Keyword Explorer,

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