Today we’ll discuss the different things to include in your websites design to ensure you not only attract new customers but ensure your website is ranking well online.

if you’re a small business looking for a website design company it’s important you take into account what services you’ll be receiving, most of the time you’ll need to pay extra for better content or website SEO.

This tutorial is for those who already have a website and looking for ways to make it better, this tutorial is not for those looking for to build a website from scratch but this will certainly be included in future tutorials.

Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll need to get started when building your website.

  1. Good content, text and pictures
  2. Good internal linking
  3. Quick page load time
  4. Meta titles
  5. Social media
  6. Usefulness
  7. Interactive
  8. Keep your website visitors busy

Good website content: Website Text

Ensuring you have content on your website that’s readable and is going to be useful for the person visiting your website is really important as far as your SEO is concerned, the longer each visitor stays on your website the more ranking you’ll receive in the search engine rankings, the easiest and most effective way to keep visitors on your website is to put loads of useful content on your website that someone typing in that pertcture search query would find helpful. What’s required will vary depending on your website and audience and this is where a solid understanding of marketing and SEO can be very helpful, subscribe to our blog and learn more about how to write excellent website content today.

Good internal linking

Ensuring the web pages on your own website link up well with one another can actually significantly boost your online rankings, to build more web pages you need more content so having an active blog or a range of helpful information on your website is also a great link building opportunity for your website that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Quick page load time

Often when using page builders the load time of your website can be reduced and this can harm your rankings, if you can use light themes and builders that give your website a short load time, this can be greatly beneficial to your long term google rankings.

Meta Titles

Ensuring the meta titles are optimsed will boost your SEO rankings, they appear to users while inputting data into the google search engine and can also effect how likely someone is to click on you website.

Social Media

Social media has become a more important and growing online ranking factor for websites in most niches, ensuring your website has up to date social media profiles linking to their website is very advantageous.

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